Broadway – The Beginning


Broadway Theater, New York is an experience like no other. As one of New York’s top entertainment draws, it is also one of New York’s biggest tourist attractions, selling over one billion dollars in tickets annually. Broadway located in the heart of Manhattan is home to some 39 theaters, most of which host world famous productions year round. This expanse of Manhattan constitutes what is often referred to as the Theater District. The Broadway Theater in New York was began around the year 1750, when the first theater company was established. Since then Broadway, alongside London’s west end theater have been considered the ultimate in the theater experience.

Broadway, as the name connotes, embodies a broad avenue in New York City. Broadway marks the eastern bounds of Greenwich Village, passing by Astor Place. One famed stretch adjacent to Times Square, where Broadway crosses Seventh Avenue in midtown Manhattan, is the dwelling of many theaters, housing a dynamical array of commercial, large-scale plays, particularly musicals. It comprises the home of famous Broadway theater New York. Theaters that house fewer than one hundred seats are considered off-off-Broadway. One hundred to five hundred seats are considered off-Broadway and greater than five hundred hold Broadway productions. The NY theater district lures talent and audiences from around the world eager to enjoy a Broadway shows such as West Side Story.

The greatest reported theater, for now, is The George Gershwin Theater, that is home to 1993 seats. It loocated at 222 West 51st Street, the theater originally opened in 1972 under the name Uris. Gershwin Theater is currently staging the very popular musical “Wicked”.

The Broadway, located at 1681 Broadway, is one of only a few theaters that are actually located on Broadway. The Broadway has one thousand seven hundred and sixty-one seats and is considered one of the largest theaters on Broadway. The Broadway is now playing “Shrek the Musical”.

The Palace Theater located at 1564 Broadway opened its doors in 1913 and houses approximately 1743 seats. The Palace Theater is today home to “West Side Story”.

Marquis Theater, located at 1535 Broadway, is a newer Broadway Theater New York. Marquis opened in 1986 and seats approximately one thousand six hundred and fifteen patrons. Marquis is currently showing “Soul of Shaolin” and then coming in April, we will get to see “9 to 5”.

Currently some of the plays and musicals that are on Broadway include The Lion King, Mamma Mia, West Side Story and Shrek the Musical. Many Broadway productions are quite suitable for children although generally speaking children under the age of four years are not permitted. Visitors can obtain theater tickets for any one of Broadway shows as well as off Broadway shows in the New York theater district. Seeing a musical on Broadway in New York is not just a great night on the town it can be a rewarding experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Whether you choose the newest smash hit or want to see a smaller, lesser-known Off-Broadway show, there is no experience quite like Broadway!


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